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Hudson's Bay Foundation is a non-profit 501C3 booster club which supports activities happening at Hudson's Bay High School. HBF is in no way funded by the government or the school district. All of the money that HBF raises is from donation or from fundraisers and ALL of the money raised goes back into Hudson's Bay High School. If you would like to donate, please fill out the form below. Thank You!

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Remember the days when Hudson’s Bay was the talk of the State? Winning a state basketball championship and playing in the newest and largest gymnasium, with athletes and students who were also tops in academics. Those were the days…

What has changed?

As Clark County has changed, so have the schools, with many new high schools and Magnet programs. Demographically, Bay is an area that is less affluent than it once was. Two thirds (65%) of the students now qualify for the free or reduced lunch Federal assistance program.

What Bay needs now!

Bay’s needs are many. Many students cannot afford what most consider to be basic costs:

  • SAT and Advanced Placement test fees
  • academic and athletic supplies
  • musical instruments
  • participation fees for sports and academic competitions
  • bus fare following after school activities
  • field trip and lab class fees

The band uniforms need replacing; performing and visual arts budgets are stretched thin. Athletes share competition shoes. The principal’s fund – used to provide emergency help for student for such basic things as warm coats – often runs out well before the year ends.

Bay’s athletes and sports teams struggle to get funds to attend summer camps and off-season tournaments, essential in order to be competitive during the regular season. Students involved in academic competitions face similar funding issues. The money is simply not there.

The question is …
What can be done about it?

HBF – the Hudson’s Bay High School Foundation – now exists to financially support all programs and unmet student needs through a grant process. The extent of this assistance is dependant upon the amount of donations received and fundraiser revenues.

What Has Not Changed

Despite the demographic changes, the Hudson’s Bay “family”, year to year, is second to none. Students and staff are terrific! But now your help is needed more than ever!

Here’s how you can help:

    • Send a donation by check to Hudson’s Bay Foundation, P.O. Box 61804, Vancouver, Wa 98666.
    • To participate in the Alumni Class Competition, indicate your graduation year.
    • To support a certain project, please specify the program of your choice.
    • Access the HBF directly at and make donation by credit card or through a link on the school’s website at
    • Follow HBF news by friending us on Facebook!

Remember! Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!

Thank you for your support,

The Hudson’s Bay High School Foundation

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