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Curious to see who has donated to what class? Want to know if your class is beating all of the others? Below is a real time up to date total of what classes have donated to the Hudson's Bay Foundation! If you do not see your class listed below, no one has donated to the HBF yet. Be the first by Clicking the Donate Button!


Total raised from class competition: $90,724.14

  • Class Competition 1960
  • Class Competition 1963
  • Class Competition 1964
  • Class Competition 1965
  • Class Competition 1966
  • Class Competition 1967
  • Class Competition 1968
  • Class Competition 1969
  • Class Competition 1971
  • Class Competition 1973
  • Class Competition 1974
  • Class Competition 1975
  • Class Competition 1976
  • Class Competition 1977
  • Class Competition 1978
  • Class Competition 1979
  • Class Competition 1981
  • Class Competition 1983
  • Class Competition 1984
  • Class Competition 1985
  • Class Competition 1986
  • Class Competition 1991
  • Class Competition 1993
  • Class Competition 1994
  • Class Competition 1995
  • Class Competition 1996
  • Class Competition 1997
  • Class Competition 1999
  • Class Competition 2000
  • Class Competition 2001
  • Class Competition 2002
  • Class Competition 2005
  • Class Competition 2009
  • Class Competition 2010

Tom and Judith Dixon
Total raised by Class of 1960 = $50.00

Nancy Bjerkman
Tom & Judith Dixon
Dorothy Hudson
Total raised by Class of 1963 = $3075.00

Linda Hicks Angelo
Judy Barkes
Fred Bergeron
Laura Besserman
Terry Bowyer
Fran Boyle
Wendy Bradbury
Terri Memovich Bull
Duane Burckhard
Gary Crane
Mary Dougherty
George Eaton
Kent & Beverly Farmer
Deberah Fox
Carol Million Frary
Sheryl Funkhouser
Allison Garr
Patricia Gaul
Bonnie Gile
Sharon Gordon
Michael Hale
Kristen Hammond
Marvin Haskell
Sandy Wesolowski Hayslip
Toni Gooch Henderson
Gertrude Hendrickson
Honert Herber
Sherry Huffman
Penny Juve
Janet Klein
Sharon Klineline-Wilde
John Knechtges
Patricia Knipper
Judith Langlois
SanDee Hume LaVail
Karen Leffel
L. Greg Luehrs
Emily Mallory
David Meyer
Judy Sutton Morrison
Rita Nellis
Bob Nicholson
Christine Nielsen
Barbara Olsen
Mike & Gloria Olin
Susan Paulson
Beverly Simmons Poe
Julie Patterson Powers
Dick Pratt
James Putnam
Steve Randall
Barbara Ramsey
Beverly & William Reidler
Debbie Robb
Beverly Roe
Steve Shotwell
John S. Smith
Kenneth Smith
Peggy Snyder
Lance Thiede
Kathleen Thorpe
Bob Tropfenbaum
Jim Waters
Anita Hebert Watson
Bonnie Robeck Weaver
Thomas Wilder
Russell Williams
Byron Woodworth
’64 Reunion Committee
Total raised by Class of 1964 = $9,921.54

Susan Newfield Baer
Michael &Tamra Brower
Mike Burton
Greg Canova
Art Chase
Linda Janssen Clark
Kyle Corwin (in memory of)
Edra Dudley
Vickie Blakely Edwards
Linda Frear & Thomas Eli
Denny Eller
Kenneth & Cathy Rivoli English
Dayle Headley Forsey
Sandra Olin Fujii
Becky Burtness Gillam
Dennis Gillingham
Virgil Hockett
Pamela Reich Hoover
Judith Jendry
Mel Jewell
Larry Kerle
Alan Lamb
Mary E. Lane
Bobbi J Ennenga Olson
Gaynel Roemmich Moody
Richard Osborn
Christopher Page
Dave Palena
Glen Pierce
Steve Rees
LynDee Francis Rhodes
Carol Lorentz Sorenson
Carol Waters Strobeck
Total raised by Class of 1965 = $6,180.00

Julie Hall Clarkson
Jim Holland
Gregory Johnson
Total raised by Class of 1966 = $2,000.00

Corky Angelo
Tom Dudley
Phil Mattox
Lee and Jeanne Shults
Larry and Jill Stryker
Total raised by Class of 1967 = $8,801.68

Doug Maas
Jill Boileau Cox
Jeff Hughes
Nancy Grange Muhuika
Total raised by Class of 1968 = $865

’69 Reunion
Dennis Almer
John Bjodstrup
Jerry Boileau
Kathy Corwin
Jane Crawford
Gary Eastman
T.J. Glafka
Stu Hall
Scott Horenstein
Patrick & Rosemary Jeffries
Michael Minnick 
Bron Roberts /Jeremy Gray
Mike and Karla Schlosser
Jack Stecher
Mike Freeman
Total raised by the Class of 1969 = $19,753.25

Carleen Stephens 

Total raised by Class of 1971 = $100.00

Jamie Warren

Total raised by Class of 1973 = $50.00

Ben Hodge
'74 Reunion Committee
Sam Vilhauer
Gary Stecher

Total raised by the Class of 1974 = $1,272.65

Michael Lynch

Total Raised by Class of 1975 = $1,000.00

Charity Reudink 
Scott Frangos
Linda Parsons
Steve Pate

Total raised by Class of 1976 = $275.00

Nancy K. Fitta
Lola King
Darcy Schmitt
Total raised by Class of 1977 = $785

Shore Beckel

Total raised by class of 1978 = $205.00

Brenda Purvis Calvert
John Holtmann
Carla Soha
Shawn Swanstrom
Mark Wilkerson

Total raised by the Class of 1979 = $1,880.00

Nick Springer

Total raised by the Class of 1981 = $250.00

David Bakker
Brian Berg
Mark Cain
Casey Collins
Deanna Hinds Green
Diane Gregerson
MaryAnn Hansen
Craig Hargreaves / Sunlight Supply Co
Pam Moore Krassin
Sally Lehman
Bob McNerney
Marc Norris
Dennis Row
Deanna Swanson
Deanna Holman VanNeste

Total raised by the Class of 1983 = $22,237.00

Birgit Haller
Jarrett LeClaire
Total raised by Class of 1984 = $2,066.00

David Gregerson
Eric Olson
Total raised by Class of 1985 = $3,997.00

Nelson Holmberg
Total raised by Class of 1986 = $25.00

Mara Masters

Total raised by the Class of 1991 = $165.00

Paige Brockway
Sandra Cyr
Bart Hansen
Allison Wellman Milhorn
Michelle & Ryan Parker
Heidi Piper Schultz

Total raised by Class of 1993 = $2,404.00

Allison Cole Pauletto

Total raised by the Class of 1994 = $50.00

20th Reunion Attendees
Greg Hankel
Total raised by Class of 1995 = $296.00

Karis Howell Cooper 
Mike McCray 

Total raised by the Class of 1996 = $2,000.00

Laura Green

Total raised by the Class of 1997 = $150.00

Aja Hicks

Total raised by the Class of 1999 = $100.00

Theo and Elizabeth Mikaele

Total raised by the Class of 2000 = $600.00

Nick Johnson

total raised by Class of 2001 = $600.00

Ashley Church
Dan Larson
Micheal Leichner
Brett Skinner
Total raised by Class of 2002 = $310.00

Doug Gregg
Total raised by Class of 2005 = $75

Alyssa Turner
Total raised by Class of 2009 = $160

Billy Henry
Gabe and Philip Foster

Total raised by the Class of 2010 = $525.00

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