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    Hudson's Bay High School strives to create life long learners and responsible, compassionate, literate citizens by melding the resources of students, staff, parents and the community

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  • Friday March 13th
  • Doors Open at 6pm
  • Held at the Clark College Student Center

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Festival of Trees Fundraiser

Several years ago, Divine Consign (Gifts for our Community) took on the Festival of Trees fundraiser formerly organized by Vancouver Rotary.  This year, there will be seven fabulous trees to bid on at Divine Consign, 704 Main Street downtown. 

Each of the trees is sponsored by a nonprofit organization, and comes with fantastic decor and amazing prizes-- pure cash, get-aways, and gourmet dining experiences for example.

Each bidder purchases a five-dollar ticket, drops half of it into the box next to the tree of their choice at Divine, and waits for the winners to be  drawn December 18.  Divine will deliver the trees to the winners shortly after the drawing.

Divine Consign’s hours are 10 am- 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday, and will remain open until 7:30 pm on First Friday, December 6. 

The funds raised through raffle ticket sales are divided evenly among the participating nonprofit organizations. So, the more tickets sold, the more funds raised!

The theme for the Hudson’s Bay Foundation tree is “LET IT SNOW” decorated by Bay supporters Pam Daniels Blaufus, Kay Jones and Samara Gilroy-Hicks.  It comes with all its decor, a gorgeous white tree skirt made from Pendleton wool, two Beidermeir chairs upholstered in white wool, a look-alike American doll dressed in a hand-tailored white wool coat, Pottery Barn tree top, Afghan and $500 CASH!!!

Tickets are available Nov 20 from members of the Hudson’s Bay Foundation or at the check-out counter November 13 at Divine Consign at 704 Main Street in downtown Vancouver.  You may contact Pam Daniels Blaufus at pamblaufus@gmail.com to buy tickets as well.  

The tree to benefit Hudson’s Bay Foundation features:

• 7.5 Foot decorated tree featuring a Pottery Barn Tree Top and Throw
• Pendleton Wool Upholstered Beidermeir Chairs (2) and hand sewn tree skirt doll clothing
• $500 cash

Thank you for your support!  

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