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Viewing these minutes can give you a fast and easy way of viewing what topics were covered on the last meeting. These meetings date back to when the last digital copies were stored (2012). Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. They begin at 5:30pm and end around 7:00pm. To view any of these minutes, click the month you want and it will download. From there you can save and view it. Months with an * do not have a digital copy. Minutes are saved as a .doc document type.

Please use the menu below to select minutes by calendar year:

Folder Minutes 2016


document January 2016 Popular

By 382 downloads

Download (docx, 13 KB)

January 2016.docx

document February 2016 Popular

By 407 downloads

Download (docx, 12 KB)

2016 March.docx

document March 2016 Popular

By 414 downloads

Download (docx, 12 KB)

2016 March (1).docx

document April 2016 Popular

By 409 downloads

Download (docx, 15 KB)

April 2016.docx

document May 2016 Popular

By 434 downloads

document June 2016 Popular

By 362 downloads

document July 2016 Popular

By 378 downloads

document August 2016 Popular

By 398 downloads

Download (docx, 15 KB)

August 2016.docx

document September 2016 Popular

By 353 downloads

Download (docx, 15 KB)

September 2016.docx

document October 2016 Popular

By 363 downloads

Download (docx, 16 KB)

October 2016.docx

document November 2016 Popular

By 361 downloads

Download (docx, 15 KB)

November 2016.docx

document December 2016 Popular

By 354 downloads

Download (docx, 14 KB)

December 2016.docx

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